Wednesday, July 13, 2016

There is no Sovereign Immunity for Fraud and I have no Double Jeopardy.

Just because a governmental body makes a mistake by presuming sovereign immunity for making it does not justify imposing this error again and again by maintaining the initial error's existence. Fraud is fraud and someone must be in charge to put a stop to it – completely – so that it never happens again by insuring that – legally – it never happened in the first place. In other words, any record/s which seemingly justified the initial confiscation of my son need to be sealed as having never occurred, because they did not legally occur. Their validity has been destroyed by the actions of the fraudulent perpetrators. So, what's done is done, but I don't get to have anyone's error transferred to me. Especially, since I'm the one charging a higher authority – namely, the United States Secret Service – to correct it.

Thus, if and when my son should be returned to me, there will be no social worker arriving at our door to "check up" on us, for I have not received a ward of the court; I have had my son returned to me along with my jurisdiction over him – not the court's jurisdiction, nor anyone else's. They do not possess any jurisdiction anymore to exercise same. They lost it due to fraud. My jurisdiction gets reestablished as if it had never been lost. For, indeed, I possessed it all along.

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